Hextable Garden Weather

The instruments for Hextable Garden Weather are located around our garden. They use a wireless radio link to contact the central console with the latest readings, on average every 2 to 3 minutes. If the link fails, the readings are retained until a successful transfer occurs.
This strange looking device measures air temperature and humidity. The dome at the top contains the temperature sensor. Like all of the instruments, the temperature/humidity device is powered by electricity generated via a solar panel. Below the thermometer (not shown) is a further thermomter measuring grass temperature.
With the dome being sensitive to heat it is necessary to protect it from direct sunlight. However, as most cabinets designed to house thermometers (eg Stevenson's Screens) would also prevent sunlight reaching the solar panel, I have had to create a cover that allows the free flow of air around the dome and sufficient light to the solar panel. After 8 months with a temporary cover my permanent and rather more elegant solution is now in place.
The rain gauge sits in its new home on top of the shed, doing a very good impression of a chimney. Measuring rainfall in 0.3mm units by means of a tilting bucket mechanism, the device is self emptying. It only requires the occasional removal of leaves from the funnel.
Perched above the kitchen and bedroom roofs, are 2 further devices. The lower of the 2 is the brightness detector. Measuring the available light in Lux, it provides an automated means of measuring sunshine. A reading above 20 kLux is considered to indicate sunshinee. However, it has recorded more than this on a cloudy day so some interpretation of the readings will be necessary.
The highest device contains 2 instruments; a wind vane and an anemometer. The former points to the direction from which the wind is coming and the latter the wind speed. They also give an indication of the variation of the wind direction.